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About Pandi Press

Pandi Press was founded in 2014 by Kasey Lansdale and Joe R. Lansdale, as a home for Joe’s most popular works. In the future, Pandi Press hopes to partner with existing publishing houses and talented writers to continue to bring excellent tales of horror and suspense to fans and readers throughout the world.

About Joe R. Lansdale

Where does Mojo storytelling come from? How does a fella learn to spin over-the-top yarns of any sort: horror, suspense, humor, science fiction, Western, what have you? First you got to see the world, like Champion Mojo Storyteller Joe R. Lansdale, who has lived everywhere from Gladewater, Texas to Mount Enterprise, Texas to Nacogdoches, Texas!

“Texas is so wrapped up in myth and legend, it’s hard to know what the state and its people are really about,” says Lansdale. “Real Texans, raised on these myths and legends, sometimes become legends themselves. The bottom line is, Texas and its people are pretty much what most people mean when they use the broader term ‘America.’ No state better represents the independent spirit, the can-do attitude of America, better than Texas.”

The second ingredient to good Mojo storytelling is learning how to take a punch. Or a kick. Or a poke in the eye. And then learning how to avoid them. Lansdale is a student of the martial arts for more than thirty years. He’s a two-time inductee into the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame, one such honor bestowed upon him for his founding of Shen Chuan, Martial Science. He holds belts in Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu, Combat Hapkido, American Combat Kempo, and Aikido, amongst others; in fact, his standard day is six hours at the typewriter, three hours at Lansdale’s Self Defense Systems, the martial-arts studio which he owns and at which he teaches.

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About Illustrator Daniele Serra

Daniele Serra was born and lives in Italy. He works as illustrator and comic artist, his work has been published in Europe, Australia, United States and Japan. He has worked for DC Comics, Image Comics, Cemetery Dance, Weird Tales magazine, PS Publishing and other publications. Winner of the British Fantasy Award. More about Daniele Serra:

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Pandi Press to publish Award Winning Author Joe R. Lansdale’s classic works.

Pandi Press will offer Award Winning and Bestselling Author Joe R. Lansdale’s classic works, including the critically acclaimed, A Fine Dark Line, The Big Blow, and Freezer Burn (published September 2015). The books will be illustrated by award winning illustrator and comic artist Daniele Serra.

July 13, 2015, Nacogdoches, TX- Beloved author and fan favorite Joe R. Lansdale, with dozens of novels, short stories, and anthologies to his credit has teamed up with innovative newcomer Pandi Press, who aims to bring gritty, suspenseful fiction directly to the hands of its readers. “I’m excited to enthusiastically endorse these unique publications of some of my favorite works. I look forward to releasing new projects with Pandi Press in the near future.”

“Joe R. Lansdale is a man who’s works are about as diverse as they come, while always maintaining that distinctive Lansdale style. Pandi Press is thrilled to be publishing these titles, as well as forthcoming books from Lansdale, including the highly anticipated writing tips book, as well as projects from other fiction giants in the field. With the new Sundance Channel Television Series Hap and Leonard, we felt now was a great time to introduce this author’s works to established fans and new readers.”

Joe R. Lansdale is the author of more than three dozen novels, including Paradise Sky, The Thicket, Edge of Dark Water,and The Bottoms. He has received the British fantasy Award, The Grandmaster of Horror award, the American Mystery Award, the Edgar Award, the Grinzane Cavour Prize for Literature, and ten Bram Stoker Awards, including the lifetime achievement award.

9780986259425 Freezer Burn $14.95
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