Book Review: MOON LAKE by Joe R. Lansdale

Review originally published at Tor Nightfire: Moon Lake by Joe Lansdale is this year’s summer read. I hesitate to mention that I burned through several chapters in my backyard hammock because it sounds cliche, but I really did and it was magical.  Lansdale’s storytelling voice feels like coming home and

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Book Review: FREEZER BURN by Joe R. Lansdale

One of those “can’t put down” one-sitting reads. No words were wasted. FREEZER BURN reminds me of the black and white movie FREAKS combined with a few signature details from EAST OF EDEN. The protagonist, Bill, is not a good person-he’s ignorant and self-centered so being in his head as

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A Fine Dark Line – Chapter One

“Joe R. Lansdale has a folklorist’s eye for telling detail and a frontporch raconteur’s sense of pace.” — The New York Times Book Review “One of the greatest yarn spinners of his generation: fearless, earthy, original, manic and dreadfully funny.” — The Dallas Morning News “Funny, scary, heartwarming, heart-pounding, Tom

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The Big Blow – Chapter One

“The narrative builds an atmosphere of impending doom in the lives of a group of blithely unsuspecting denizens during the four days preceding the 1900 Galveston hurricane, considered by many as the most devastating North American natural disaster of the 20th century…. Despite the bare-knuckle prose, there is a heavy

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Freezer Burn – Chapter One

Chapter One: Bill Roberts decided to rob the firecracker stand on account he didn’t have a job and not a nickel’s worth of money and his mother was dead and kind of freeze-dried in her bedroom. Well, not completely freeze-dried. Actually, she stunk, but she seemed to be holding her

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