6 Books to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

New Books in 2022 and One to Add to Your List for 2023
Release date: 10/11/2022
The long-awaited sequel to CAMP SLAUGHTER. A cannibal terrorizes a small town in Northern PA.

Why You Need This Book: CAMP SLAUGHTER was so much fun! I cannot wait to see what happens next. Buy them both together: SERGIO GOMEZ WEBSITE

From an award-winning author comes a genre-defying thriller about a father desperate to salvage what’s left of his family—even if it means a descent into violence.
Buried in debt due to his young daughter’s illness, his marriage at the brink, Mario reluctantly takes a job as a hitman, surprising himself with his proclivity for violence. After tragedy destroys the life he knew, Mario agrees to one final job: hijack a cartel’s cash shipment before it reaches Mexico. Along with an old friend and a cartel-insider named Juanca, Mario sets off on the near-suicidal mission, which will leave him with either a cool $200,000 or a bullet in the skull. But the path to reward or ruin is never as straight as it seems. As the three complicated men travel through the endless landscape of Texas, across the border and back, their hidden motivations are laid bare alongside nightmarish encounters that defy explanation. One thing is certain: even if Mario makes it out alive, he won’t return the same.

Why You Need This Book: I loved Gabino’s Coyote Songs so when I heard there was going to be a crime noir novel with Gabino’s attention to culture & setting, I knew this was going on my to-buy list. BUY IT HERE

*Coming October 13th, 2022*
Cynthia Pelayo sings a song for the least of us, the victim we want to forget as soon as possible, the one who disappeared before ever really appearing. With a fairy tale gaze and a heart bigger than the world, her siren song insinuates itself past our defenses, past the hardened calluses and apathy we’ve erected to protect ourselves from the everyday horror of another missing girl. 
Pelayo relates the familiar story, poem by poem; a body is found, a brutal crime investigated, clues take us in circles and lead us nowhere. We are on an epic journey, the hero’s journey, and it must play out to the end in all its painful, ticking moments. Pelayo imbues her hero, Agent K, with the entirety of our dedication and that crumb of hope we’ve been hiding, saving for later. We will need to save for years, for decades, if we want to come out the other side. The job takes its toll, the answers are never complete and whys fracture, crack and spread. Still, there is no turning away. We must bear witness, though it changes and contorts us.

Why You Need This Book: Pelayo’s Into the Forest and All the Way Through had a similar theme of missing women and unsolved murders. And it was one of the most memorable reads of 2022.

Definitely, something not to be ignored. Crime Scene should be on everyone’s to-read list: BUY IT HERE


Fernanda and Annelise are so close they are practically sisters: a double image, inseparable. So how does Fernanda end up bound on the floor of a deserted cabin, held hostage by one of her teachers and estranged from Annelise?

When Fernanda, Annelise, and their friends from the Delta Bilingual Academy convene after school, Annelise leads them in thrilling but increasingly dangerous rituals to a rhinestoned, Dior-scented, drag-queen god of her own invention. Even more perilous is the secret Annelise and Fernanda share, rooted in a dare in which violence meets love. Meanwhile, their literature teacher Miss Clara, who is obsessed with imitating her dead mother, struggles to preserve her deteriorating sanity. Each day she edges nearer to a total break with reality.

Interweaving pop culture references and horror concepts drawn from Herman Melville, H. P. Lovecraft, and anonymous “creepypastas,” Jawbone is an ominous, multivocal novel that explores the terror inherent in the pure potentiality of adolescence and the fine line between desire and fear.

Translated by Sarah Booker

Why You Need This Book: Reviews are so mixed and intriguing! When a book is that polarizing among readers it’s exciting to see how your experience will go. BUY IT HERE

A woman is haunted by the Mexican folk demon La Llorona as she unravels the dark secrets of her family history in this ravishing and provocative horror novel.

Alejandra no longer knows who she is. To her husband, she is a wife, and to her children, a mother. To her own adoptive mother, she is a daughter. But they cannot see who Alejandra has become: a woman struggling with a darkness that threatens to consume her.

Nor can they see what Alejandra sees. In times of despair, a ghostly vision appears to her, the apparition of a crying woman in a ragged white gown.

When Alejandra visits a therapist, she begins exploring her family’s history, starting with the biological mother she never knew. As she goes deeper into the lives of the women in her family, she learns that heartbreak and tragedy are not the only things she has in common with her ancestors.

Because the crying woman was with them, too. She is La Llorona, the vengeful and murderous mother of Mexican legend. And she will not leave until Alejandra follows her mother, her grandmother, and all the women who came before her into the darkness.

But Alejandra has inherited more than just pain. She has inherited the strength and the courage of her foremothers—and she will have to summon everything they have given her to banish La Llorona forever.

Why You Need It: V. Castro’s The Queen of Cicadas was so cinematic and bone-chilling, The Haunting of Alejandra seems like another eerie story in the same vein. Pre-Order HERE

A Head Full of Ghosts meets Mexican Gothic in Piñata, a terrifying possession tale by Leopoldo Gout.
It was supposed to be the perfect summer.
Carmen Sánchez is back in Mexico, supervising the renovation of an ancient abbey. Her daughters Izel and Luna, too young to be left alone in New York, join her in what Carmen hopes is a chance for them to connect with their roots.
Then, an accident at the worksite unearths a stash of rare, centuries-old artifacts. The disaster costs Carmen her job, cutting the family trip short. 
But something malevolent and unexplainable follows them home to New York, stalking the Sánchez family and heralding a coming catastrophe. And it may already be too late to escape what’s been awakened…

Why You Need This Book: Tor Nightfire is on a streak of amazing horror releases in 2022. They know how to curate talent and have a finger on the pulse of what readers want to read. This one had me at “A Head Full of Ghosts”. BUY IT HERE

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