April Book Releases 2023

April was WILD! So many new books were released into the world, and it was difficult to keep up!
Westerns are having a moment this year as well! THE SURVIVAL OF MARGARET THOMAS, LONE WOMEN, and THE MASSACRE AT YELLOW HILL are all available now!

Rounding the year out, the books that were released just a few days ago are still getting so much online buzz from readers on social media. I have seen OUR OWN UNIQUE AFFLICTION on TikTok and Bookstagram so much lately, it’s a very exciting time, DarkLit Press has an impressive marketing campaign. EVEN THE WORM WILL TURN by Hailey Piper is a sequel to the massive success of THE WORM AND HIS KINGS

You can watch this interview with Sadie Hartmann and Del Howison talking about The Survival of Margaret Thomas

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