Cover Reveal & Pre-Order for the Pandi Press edition of JANE GOES NORTH by Joe R. Lansdale

JANE GOES NORTH by Joe R. Lansdale

Cover Artwork by Giordano Poloni

From Edgar Award winner Joe R. Lansdale comes a laugh out loud road novel full of outrageous wit, driven by the power of storytelling as only Lansdale can offer. 

Jobless, broke, and stuck in East Texas without wheels, Jane is desperate to attend her younger sister’s wedding in Boston out of spite. She answers a ride share ad placed by a body building, cookie baking woman named Henrietta (Henry), with a literal wandering eye and a penchant for violence. Henry needs someone to drive her northeast where she claims there’s a doctor who can fix her sight. In an unlikely alliance, Jane and Henry take to the road where they’ll encounter numerous characters, including an octogenarian crime boss, a rascal riding thief, and a washed up country singer named Cheryl. 

This incredible journey is a story of heart and quirky friendship at its finest.

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Not for the faint of heart or those who are easily offended. Joe Lansdale writes humanity at its unvarnished, unpredictable, unbeatable best.

Bestselling author, Robin Hobb

Not exactly Thelma and Louise, these strong and independent women will share life-changing events and will come away changed in ways they never could have imagined.

The Florida Times

Outrageous wit, memorably quirky characters, and comical situations elevate the story, which works best as a gratifying tale of friendship

Publisher’s Weekly

Sometimes you need a rest from high-concept horror or high-stakes crime; sometimes you just need to dip into the lives of some interesting people and hang out with them for a while. Jane Goes North lets you do just that.

Cemetery Dance, Reviewed by Blu Gilliand

The escapades of these two outspoken women couldn’t be any more outrageous.

Library Journal

This is Lansdale hitting on all cylinders.

Dave writes and Draws

No one mixes the outrageous with depth of heart as well as Joe, and he has rarely delivered as well as he does with Jane Goes North.

Horror Drive in Written by Mark Sieber

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