How to Love a Book in 5 Easy Steps

How to Love a Book in 5 Easy Steps

by Sadie Hartmann “Mother Horror”

First, let me start off by saying that you can love a book in a totally secret way by storing your experience in your reader’s heart and never telling another living soul about it because it’s your treasure and you don’t have to share it. But if you want to love a book openly, here are 5 easy steps.

  1. Review it. Take a few minutes to share your unique reading experience online. Goodreads, Amazon, social media, anywhere you feel comfortable. Word-of-mouth advertising is like gold for your favorite book.
  2. Promote it. This is different than reviewing it. You can take photos of it and post them on Instagram. You can add it to a list of other books and share it on TikTok. You can recommend it to people on Twitter. Just talking about it, mentioning it, and photographing it helps the book be seen.
  3. Request it. This one requires a little extra effort on your part. You can request the book at your local library and bookstores. You can likely do both of them online but if you can’t, this is your new excuse to find yourself in a place where books might find their way into your home.
  4. Book Club. This one is fun. If you really love a book and want others to read it, start a book club! You can do it online or in person. Just invite family and friends to join your club and read it with them. Since you’ve already read it, you know what questions to ask each check-in time and how to lead the discussion when everyone is finished. Fun!
  5. Buy it. You can add your new favorite book to your list of good gifts to buy for friends and family on their birthdays or Christmas. Some people really don’t like books as gifts so you should really reconsider your relationship with them.

Those are some ways you can love your books. Have you loved one today?

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